World Financial Group Review / Want to get to Marketing Director?

Published: 09th February 2010
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So you've just taken the leap and became a team member for WFG, or you're thinking about it. It's possible you've been a part of WFG already and you haven't had the success you're looking for.

My mission is to give a review of World Financial Group and the business opportunity it presents. The main positives and the negatives of the company. My financial and network marketing background qualifies me to give a proper review when combined.

World Financial Group Overview

World Financial Group is a financial mlm company with a focus on term insurance. Part of their product/service line includes college planning and investment planning offering miminal options for mutual funds. They've been established since 2004 but are part of AEGON, their larger parent company. Their main target market is middle class middle income clientele.

The insurance WFG sells is mostly term insurance. Term insurance is usually the best type of insurance for your value and cost. The insurance is mixed with investing into mutual funds at the same time, usually called a Universal Policy. College planning is something that's more recently been added to their company as the economy has pretty much demanded it.


As long as MLM exists it will always be criticized by the general public, which is a huge barrier to entry. The company it's self is completely legal and legitimate.

The idea is to acquire reps and customers. When you can't acquire a rep, the idea is to get them as a client, by either insurance, investing or counselling. A good position to get to is Senior Associate. A place that's harder to get to is Marketing Director. At the MD level you're making six figures and you pretty much do WFG full-time.

It can be difficult to produce a lot of Senior Associates or to even get there, mostly because of the nature of network marketing the financial industry. The biggest wall representatives face getting into the finance world is building the trust of clients they have as you're dealing with one of the most prominent things in someone's life, their money.

It's difficult to build contacts in the financial world without having and prior experience, especially in mlm. Obtaining your licences to practise selling insurance and mutual funds can be trying when you're trying to build a business, this can also be time consuming. Lead generation is the last thing that's thought about but should really be first on any business owners list. When reps are doing this job part-time they usually have a full time job and doing all of the previous mentioned can be a daunting task, you can shoot yourself in the foot before you even start.

It's a great idea to have a plan in place so that you have a direction in your business. I personally generate all my leads online and use the power of the internet to its full potential. To become the next Marketing Director of WFG, check out the links below.

Darren Star is an attraction marketing expert and specializes in lead generation online. He has generated a ton of leads online and is literally giving it away for free. Before you go anywhere now, visit World Financial Group Review / Secrets for his marketing secrets that all the top marketers are using to build their businesses. To follow his blog check out Darren Star.

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