Creative Memories Review / Become the next Senior Executive Director

Published: 11th February 2010
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So you've just taken the leap and became a team member for Creative Memories, or you're thinking about it. You could also already be a part of the team and you haven't reached all your goals within the company yet.

I plan on giving an overview of Creative Memories and their business opportunity. The main positives and the negatives of the company. My sales and network marketing background qualifies me to give a proper review when combined.

What is Creative Memories?

Creative Memories is a network marketing company with a specialization in custom scrap books. Part of their product/service line include photo sets, scrapbooking and organizational help. Creative Memories has been around since the 1980s but they've really had an explosion of success in the last five years. Their main target market is middle class middle income clientele.

The main product line for Creative Memories sells is the keep sake photo albums. CM offers the best type of social memory capture for your values worth. Creative Memories offers digital and manual photo services depending on your needs. Organizational help is something that's more recently been added to their company as the economy has pretty much demanded it.

The Business

The business opportunity that representatives enrol into is always going to be criticized because it's a multi level marketing company, which is impossible to get past. Even though it's still a proper and legit business to make money from.

You need to get customers and build a team. When you can't acquire a rep, the idea is to get them as a client, either through scrapbooks, photos, and organizational options. Senior Unit Leader is a good promotion to aim for. A place that's harder to get to is Senior Executive Director or SED. At the SED level you're making six figures and you pretty much do Creative Memories full-time.

Unit Leaders can be extremely hard to produce on a consistent basis, mostly because of the nature of network marketing the this industry. One of the biggest problems reps have coming into this industry is having the trust of their clients or potential clients because you're dealing with the most important thing in people's lives, their finances.

It's difficult to build contacts in the network marketing world without having and prior experience, especially in mlm. Learning about the company while building a solid list of prospects outside of friends and family can be a daunting task. The last thing reps starting out are thinking of is lead generation when that should be their number one goal. Between a full-time job, going through training and seminars, learning the business so you know what you're talking about is a lot of work for reps starting out.

It's important to have a marketing game plan when getting involved in a business with this much scope. Using the internet as my main source for leads has helped me build my business for practically nothing. If you think you're the next Director super star of Creative Memories check out my links below in the author box for a little bit of help.

Darren Star is an attraction marketing expert and specializes in lead generation online. He has generated a ton of leads online and is literally giving it away for free. Before you go anywhere now, visit Creative Memories Review / Get to Senior Executive Director for his marketing secrets that all the top marketers are using to build their businesses. To follow his blog check out Darren Star.

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